New K-PREP Summer Program to Help Kids Get Ready for Kindergarten

The Kindergarten Preparation and Readiness Education Program (K-PREP) will take place from July 9-27 at Blake Primary School.  A screening process will help determine which children will benefit most from K-PREP, according to District Superintendent Jim Lotts. The Governing Board approved the new program last month.


“Taking that first big step into Kindergarten can be a little overwhelming at times for some young boys and girls,” Lotts said. “By introducing them to the Kindergarten way of life a little bit sooner, they will be better equipped for learning on that big first day of school on Aug. 1.”


K-PREP, under the guidance of Blake Principal Joanna Hermes, certified teachers and other support staff, will serve up to 45 students from 8 to 11 a.m. on Monday through Friday. Transportation will be provided.


A screening for students who are not attending Head Start, but are eligible to enroll at either Blake or Le Pera Elementary School, will take place on April 13 (4-7 p.m.) and April 14 (8 a.m.-12 p.m.) in the Blake Multi-Purpose Building. All students who participate in the screening must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Head Start has already started screening its 4-year-old students on campus.


Parents of those students who are selected for K-PREP will be notified prior to May 24.


K-PREP will focus mostly on social and behavioral skills that promote responsible, respectful and safe behavior in Kindergarten and beyond, said Blake Principal Joanna Hermes. Students will learn the basics of playing at recess, working with their peers and listening to their teacher. They will also be exposed to baseline academics such as colors, numbers, shapes and letters.


“We are thrilled about this new program,” Hermes said. “Starting school as a kindergartener is an exciting time for the entire family, and this will provide many of them a much smoother transition by familiarizing them with the campus, the classroom and our wonderful teachers.”


For more information about K-PREP, contact Mrs. Hermes at (928) 669-8203.

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